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BRAG TAGS is a small flagship of our main company, Boost Promotions, specializing on tags that fit for any school occasion. Holidays, School Events, Religious School events, etc. You name it, we can customize a Brag Tag to fit your need. We specialize in incentives for students with our unique Brag Tags at only $0.15 a tag!.

Brag Tags can be used in so many different ways. For Example, Brag Tags can be given to students for attaining a certain score on their math test, or brag tags can be given to students who attended Back to school Night. Brag Tags are a great way to award students for their hard-earned efforts. Why not give them something that they can collect and brag. Learn more about our product by clicking the About link at the top.

Brag Tags New Years 2014

Welcome back! At the start of a New Year, we would like to say Happy New Years, and hope you had a great holidays! We would like to introduce new tags to kick off this new year.

Brag Tags Valentines Day

Valentines day! Oh Valentines Day! Even though it is a month away, why not get an head start and celebrate the holiday of love.


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